Strawberry Ice Cream @bordbia

Perfect for a hot day or an after dinner dessert, this ice-cream made using fresh Quality Mark strawberries is full of vitamin C and is sure to have you licking your lips!🍦

All you need is:
450 – 500g Bord Bia Quality Mark strawberries
250g tub of mascarpone cheese
400g tin of condensed milk

How to make:
βœ… Cut the stalks off the strawberries and quarter them. Place them in a flat-bottomed dish and mash to a puree with a potato masher; how smooth you want it, is up to you.

βœ… Add the mascarpone and mash again until well combined. Stir in the condensed milk until streaky, but evenly mixed.

βœ… Using a spatula, transfer to a plastic container and put in the freezer. Leave for 6 hours or overnight for best taste.

βœ… When ready to go, simply scoop into bowls or cones and decorate however you like.

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