Classic beef stroganoff recipe. Originates from Neven Maguire’s late Mum, Vera.

⭐️Beef Stroganoff with Fluffy Rice⭐️MacNean House and RestaurantLikeCommentSharePadraic Guilfoyle1.1K143 comments344 shares48K views · on Thursday · Stroganoff is definitely a classic recipe for an all time family favourite. One which can be made in advance, this recipe originates from Neven’s late Mum, Vera.

Served with rice or simple boiled potatoes it is without a doubt a winner!

Apple and Hazelnut Streusel Cake @kerrygoldusa


This cake can be served warm as a dessert or cold as a teatime treat. It’s delicious with custard, but it would also be good with crème fraîche, clotted cream, vanilla ice cream or whipped cream – the list is endless! If you don’t fancy the apple, try using rhubarb or blackberries, depending on the time of year.



For the streusel:

4 tbsp plain flour

1oz (2 tbsp) Kerrygold butter, diced, extra to grease

2 tbsp light brown sugar

3 tbsp toasted skinned hazelnuts, finely chopped

For the cake:

5oz (10 tbsp) Kerrygold butter, at room temperature

5oz (2/3 cup) caster sugar

3 eggs, beaten

8oz (11/3 cups) self-raising flour

1 tsp baking powder

¼ tsp ground cinnamon

1 dessert apple, peeled, cored and diced (about 175g (6oz) (1 cup))

4oz (¾ cup) toasted skinned hazelnuts, finely chopped

4 tbsp milk

warm custard, to serve


Preheat  the oven to 350°F. Butter a 23cm (9in) loose-bottomed cake tin and then  line with a circle of buttered parchment paper.  To make the streusel,  place the flour in a small bowl and rub in the butter, then  stir in the brown  sugar and hazelnuts.

To make the cake, beat  the butter  and caster sugar together with a hand  held electric mixer in a bowl until light and fluffy. Beat in the eggs,  a little at a time, adding  one tablespoon of the flour when  you have added about  half of the beaten eggs.  This will stop it from curdling. Sift over the rest of the flour and the baking powder  and cinnamon,  then  mix lightly. Add the apple,  hazelnuts  and milk and fold in until thoroughly combined.

Spoon the cake mixture into the prepared cake tin and spread  level. Scatter the streusel in an even layer on top of the cake mixture and bake for 50 minutes  to 1 hour until the sides of the cake have shrunk slightly away from the tin and the streusel topping  is golden  brown.  To test if the cake is done,  insert a fine metal skewer into the middle. If it comes out clean, the cake is ready. Remove the cake from the oven and leave to cool in the tin for 15 minutes set on a wire rack.

To serve, cut the apple and hazelnut  streusel cake into slices and arrange  on plates with the warm custard.


Goatsbridge Warm Potato Salad with Smoked Trout, Capers & Lemon Mayo


450g/18oz baby potatoes
3 tbsp. mayonnaise
½ lemon, juice only
1 tsp. dried dill
sea salt and freshly ground pepper
2 spring onions
2 tbsp. capers
100g/4oz tin of smoked trout, drained and flaked
2 hard boiled eggs, chopped, optional

The featured recipe this month of warm potato salad with smoked trout, capers & lemon mayo comes from Kristen Jensen, co-author of Sláinte: The Complete Guide to Irish Craft Beer and Cider (2014), and Secretary of the Irish Food Writers’ Guild. You can find Kristen’s original version on page 80 of Fishwives, a cookbook by Goatsbridge, available from select bookstores or online.

Step 1

Place the potatoes in a saucepan and cover with cold water and a pinch of salt. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for about ten minutes, until the potatoes are cooked through and tender when pierced with the tip of a knife. Drain well and allow to cool slightly – just so they stop steaming.

Step 2

Meanwhile, whisk together the mayonnaise, lemon juice, dill and a pinch of salt and pepper in a small bowl. Transfer the warm potatoes to a mixing bowl and pour over the lemon mayonnaise, stirring to coat the potatoes evenly.

Step 3

Thinly slice the spring onions on the diagonal, including the green tops. Add to the potatoes along with the capers and stir together. Divide the potato salad between two shallow bowls and scatter the flaked trout and chopped hard boiled eggs, if using, on top. Season with another pinch of salt and pepper and serve while the potatoes are still warm.


Odlums chocolate biscuit cake recipe

Who doesn’t love chocolate biscuit cake? This recipe is perfect to make a few days before Christmas Day to give you more time to enjoy the festivities.✨

You will need:
275g/10 oz Butter
150ml/¼pt Golden Syrup
225g/8oz Chocolate (good quality, at least 60% cocoa)
½ x 400g packet of Digestive Biscuits, roughly crushed
½ x 400g packet of Rich Tea Biscuits, roughly crushed
1 packet of Maltesers
125g/4oz Shamrock Walnuts, Brazil Nuts and/or Almonds (optional)
Add the biscuits, Maltesers and fruit and nuts, if used. Stir well.

✔️Line a 15cms/6″ round cake tin or a 2lb loaf tin with a double layer of greaseproof paper.
✔️Melt the butter, syrup and chocolate in a pan over a low heat. Stir to make sure all the ingredients are well mixed together.
✔️Add the biscuits, Maltesers, fruit and nuts, if used. Stir well.
✔️Transfer to the prepared tin. Level it on top and press down well to avoid air gaps. ✔️Allow to cool and harden. Wrap completely in greaseproof paper and store in a fridge.

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