Vanilla Porridge topped with Raspberry Coulis from @TheLittleGreenSpoon #FlahavansOats

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  • Warm things up this Monday morning with this simple porridge recipe from @TheLittleGreenSpoon – it’s Vanilla Porridge topped with 3 Minute Raspberry Coulis – yum! This recipe tastes t-oatally amazing and is 100% worth a little extra effort…we promise!
    #FlahavansOats #FlahavansRecipes #Porridge

    Serves 2|Takes 5 mins


    90g of Flahavan’s Oats
    400ml of Almond Milk
    1 Vanilla Pod

    For the Raspberry Coulis
    120g of Fresh or Frozen Raspberries
    1 tbsp of Water
    1 tbsp of Maple Syrup


    Add the oats and milk to a medium saucepan on medium heat and bring it up to a simmer.
    Let them simmer gently while you make the coulis.
    Add the frozen berries, water and maple syrup to a small saucepan on medium heat.
    Give it a stir and bring it up to a simmer.
    Turn the heat down so that it’s bubbling gently.
    Keep an eye on it as it bubbles and use a fork to gently mash the berries as they cook.
    Use a knife to carefully slice open the vanilla pod lengthways and scrape the seeds from inside straight into the oats. Stir well.
    After about 3 minutes, the berries should be soft and sticky.
    Serve the oats with the berries generously poured on top, and add some seeds from the cupboard if you have them handy.22h

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