Rory O’Connell – sponge filled with preserved raspberries, wrapped in pillowy marshmallow with a scattering of roses @kerrygoldirl

I will be making this beauty on @rteone this evening at 8 30. It’s a sponge filled with preserved raspberries and all wrapped in a pillowy marshmallow before having roses scattered all over it. It’s a special cake for the special people in your life. @kerrygoldirl #cake #marshmallows #preserves #eat #delicious #ilovetocook

Tuscan Dessert – Apple, Lemon and Almond Cake @Ballymaloe @rorysfood


Tuscan Dessert Apple, Lemon and Almond Cake

If you have lots of apples at the moment why not try this delicious recipe from @rorysfood book ‘Cook Well Eat Well’. Varieties that Rory recommends are Worcester Pearmain or Cox’s Orange Pippin. Also look out for some lesser known but very delicious Irish dessert apples such as Irish Peach and Ardcairn Russet. Swipe left for recipe and let us know if you try it!