Peatlands Climate Action Scheme.@bordnamona

This year’s theme for #EarthDay Day is one of particular relevance to us at Bord na Móna, as we embark on our internationally significant peatlands restoration works, through our Peatlands Climate Action Scheme. Our long term focus on the area of conservation and restoration will help #RestoreOurEarth, as we sequester over 100million tonnes of carbon in peatlands in perpetuity, recreate native habitats, rich in biodiversity and cultural significance, protect and enhance water quality and associated aquatic ecosystems, enhance air quality, and create walking tracks, trails and other attractive amenities to promote health and well-being and opportunities for outdoor learning amongst local communities.
At Bord na Móna, we are fully focused on climate change focused operations, including renewable energy generation, recycling, peatlands restoration and the development of new, low-carbon enterprises. Together, we must continue to demonstrate our support for the environment and raise awareness for ecological sustainability.
#RestoreOurEarth #EarthDay #ClimateAction