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crinnaghtaun juice

An award winning small family run apple juice company in Tivoli, Cappoquin, Co.Waterford. Crinnaghtaun is owned and run by the Keane family; Julia manages the business while David manages the orchards. Using their own handpicked apples from the 90 acre orchard, the juices are made by traditional Irish methods to produce a juice that is natural, golden in colour and cloudy, just as it flows from the press. Apple juice is only as good as the apple, so they are always handpicked, graded and carefully selected before being milled, pressed and the juice left to stand. Once bottled the juice is pasteurised– which ensures a safe product without spoiling the bouquet or flavour.

Ryan family growing rhubarb for over 20 years @bordbia #foodaware

Meet Derek Ryan, a fourth generation grower from Oldtown, Co. Dublin. Ably assisted by his wife Aoife, and their three kids Louis, Elizabeth and Hazel, Derek has being growing rhubarb for 20 years!

Quality Assured rhubarb is now in season, ready for you to use in delicious desserts, cakes, crumbles and tarts this month.

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