Chef Clare at Lough Rynn Castle ready for re-opening today!

lough rynn chef clare

Chef Clare and her team are busy preparing for Monday and today picked some herbs from our working gardens, which got a lot of added love and care during lockdown with lots of new additions being sown, some of which are ready for harvest. We cannot wait to welcome everyone back on Monday, June 29th – please remember reservations are essential, call 071 96 32700 or email

Harvard Health: Regular tea drinking linked to better heart health

harvard tea health

Sipping a cup of tea at least every other day or so may be good for your heart, according to a study published online January 9 by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

The study included data from more than 100,000 Chinese adults who were part of a long-term health study. The participants provided health and behavioral information, including how much tea they drank. The follow-up lasted an average of seven years.

Compared with people who drank fewer than three cups of tea a week, those who drank more had a 20% lower risk of a heart attack or related problem and a 22% lower risk for dying of heart disease.

The findings don’t prove that tea drinking was responsible for those benefits. But both green and black tea are rich in compounds called flavonoids that help dampen inflammation, a culprit in heart disease. Tea drinking has also been linked to lower cholesterol and improved blood vessel function.