Strawberry Oat Smoothie By Glenisk, Protein 10.7g


Ingredients,5 Count

Nutrition,174 Calories

Total Time,5 Mins

Serves,2 Servings


40g porridge oats
150g Glenisk Greek 0% Fat Vanilla Yogurt
1 banana
80g strawberries
1 handful of ice cubes


  1. Combine the porridge oats, yogurt, banana, strawberries and ice cubes together in a blender at high speed.
  2. Pour smoothie into 2 cups and serve.

Nutritional Information (per serving)

  • Calories,174kcal
  • Fat,1.4g
  • Saturates,0.2g
  • Carbs,26.2g
  • Sugar,11.1g
  • Protein,10.7g
  • Salt,<0.01g
  • Fibre,3.9g

From Glenisk

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