Caramelised blood orange cake.@rachelallencooks

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Blood oranges and rhubarb, 2 of my favourite ingredients & a sure sign that Spring is on it’s way..oh bliss!
My article in @lifesundayindo this Sunday is all about Blood oranges featuring delicious recipes including this divine Caramelised blood orange cake.
The first of the rhubarb is pretty pink and oh-so tender because it’s ‘forced’, meaning that the plant crowns are covered to prevent light reaching them while they grow.
To poach the rhubarb, slice it then place in a saucepan. Cover with room temperature stock syrup (made by boiling together for 2 minutes equal quantities of sugar and water).
Bring up to the boil with a lid on and boil for only 45 seconds (un-forced rhubarb takes 60 seconds) before turning off still covered with lid. Allow to sit until tender, the residual heat in the pot will cook the rhubarb perfectly.
Serve with ice-cream, whipped cream, panna cotta, yoghurt or how you like. 💗💗6h

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