Famous Batch Loaf from Cully’s Arva, Co.Cavan @ballymaloecookeryschool

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Thank you past student Jennifer Cully for this lovely #batchloaf made by Cully’s Craft Bakery, Arvagh Co Cavan. Batch Bread: Four loaves of bread baked in one pan!

Traditional Irish Batch Bread is a white bread that is made in batches of two to four one pound loaves in one pan. The bread is dark (almost black) on the top, and browned on the bottom, and then torn into individual loaves after baking. Irish Batch Bread takes “pull-apart” bread to the next level. The individual loaves are simply wonderful sliced for sandwiches and toast, especially with jam and butter. @cullyscraftbakery Blas Nah hEireann Celebrating and rewarding the very best tasting Irish food and drink products, and the passionate, driven producers who make it.

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