Win our beautiful handcrafted Easter egg by Paula Stakelum@Ashfordcastle

‘Introducing Our Easter Egg for 2022 – Cherry Blossom🌸’

The theme is a ‘sense of place’ – The lens through which people make meaning of their experiences within and with a place.

In 2020, Mrs Tollman commisioned 90 cherry blossom trees to be planted on the Ashford Estate in celebration of Mr Tollman’s 90th Birthday. This spring we will see the trees in full bloom, lining the Avenue.

The Egg symbolises a true love story encapulsated by nature.

The Egg is crafted using our bespoke ‘Legend’ Chocolate and filled with Mrs Tollmans favourite Chocolate shards!

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Ashford Castle



Happy April! With Easter just around the corner, we are excited to give you the chance to win an Ashford egg of your very own. Visit our Instagram page by clicking the below for your chance to win this beautifully handcrafted Easter egg:

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