Quinoa Breakfast Mason Jar @KerrygoldUSA


Serves:  4

I call this my healthy and hearty breakfast! Moms have been making breakfast forever and my mom always ran out of ideas for what to serve us as kids. I feel good about this healthy version and have never met a child or adult who doesn’t love eating out of a fun mason jar! If you like grains as much as I do but can’t eat gluten, you no longer have to do without. I wake up early just to make this breakfast for my family and they love spooning out the breakfast into their mouths at the kitchen table or they screw on the tops and bring them to work or school along with a spoon. This recipe can also be saved in the fridge so you have an easy meal on the go for the rest of the week. Quinoa is one of just a few grains that I find light enough to enjoy in the summer and spring while hearty enough to enjoy in the winter as well, which is why March is such a great time for a comforting dish like this. We’re saying good-bye to winter and welcoming spring but we still yearn for those cozy morning meals. For a warm and satisfying dish, try this combination of quinoa, egg, cheese and the crunchy nut topping. The combination of fiber, protein, calcium, healthy fat, and other nutrients will fill you up until lunch. You can stock up on pine nuts so you can enjoy this recipe throughout the spring, as well. Something great about dark leafy greens, like the kale I used in this recipe, is that they are so full of body-loving nutrients that it doesn’t matter how you prepare them, as long as you include them in your diet somehow. You can say good-bye to those days of being intimidated by your produce department in your food store. Grab a bundle of kale the next time you walk by the veggies and your body will thank you. Trust me; dark leafy greens are full of chlorophyll, vitamins, fiber and calcium. It’s a great way to start your day, lift your mood and balance your palate. I keep a variety of healthy grains in my kitchen, but quinoa is my go-to when I don’t have a lot of time and I need a quick meal. Unless you’re serving up instant rice, you can’t really beat the 15-minute cook time, can you?

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