Great Mother’s Day ideas from Ballymaloe

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It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday so why not treat your mum to something really lovely.

We have lots of ideas…..

A box of seasonal organic vegetables from your local farmer, or perhaps you could plant a herb box for the kitchen window sill that she never seems to get the time to do herself.

Maybe a jar of local honey and a couple of beeswax candles.

A kitchen knife made specially for her or a gorgeous hand carved wooden spoon.

Maybe a new centre piece for the kitchen table.

Another treat would be to give her a night off from cooking and make her a delicious meal… could always order a take away from her favourite spot if they are open.

Go out and support your local food producers, cafes, restaurants and crafts people this Mother’s Day and treat your mum to something really special.

Tagged are just a few suggestions…

@ballymaloe_house Ballymaloe at Home Meals
@organic_republic Organic Vegetable
@fingalferguson Handmade Knives
@hewnspoons Wooden Spoons Beeswax Candles
@ballymaloefarm Pork, Bacon, Ribs
@ballymaloecookeryschool Pizza and organics produce
@brownenvelopeseeds Organic Seeds
@elementsofaction handcrafted homeware
@ballymaloecookeryschool Pizzas, Organic Produce, Voucher for online courses

📷: A beautiful edible bouquet of Summer produce from the #BallymaloeCookerySchool

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