Flahavan’s organic porridge oats by soulful_and_healthy

When you need a pick me up kind of a breakfast, here is that beautiful pink bowl of goodness 💖Hope everyone is doing well ☺️ Been a bit busy lately but will be back with more delicious recipes for you all ☺️ Have a happy Hump Day 💖.
💖 1 organic banana @supervalu_irl 💖 1 cup mixed berries like raspberries, Blackberries and strawberries 💖 1 big tbsp @flahavans organic porridge oats 💖 1 tsp of @chiabiaseed whole chia seeds 💖1 tbsp @linwoodshealthfoods Milled flaxseed, almonds and Brazilian nut mix 💖 1 tsp @mileevenfoods Sarah’s acacia honey with sour cherries (use maple syrup for vegan) 💖 @alpro unsweetened almond milk to blend 💖top with @keelingsfruits fresh strawberries 💖More chia seeds 💖 Quinoa crunch with goji berries and coconut by @homespun 💖 Enjoy ☺️ .

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