Fluffy Baked Potato

dgold baked potato mar 16

You simply cannot beat a big, fluffy baked potato. A tasty and comforting way to do spuds, it equally works as the perfect side or as a versatile supper staple. And with a scoop of Dairygold melting into it, it’ll almost look too good to eat. Almost.


  • 1 medium baking potato
  • 1 teaspoon / 5g olive oil
  • A pinch / 5g salt
  • A pinch / 5g pepper
  • 1 tbsp / 15g Dairygold
  • Grated cheese (Cheddar works well but whatever you fancy)


Preheat your oven to 150°C/300°F/Gas Mk 2.

Scrub the spuds clean, then score the skin a few times.

Rub each one with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Make sure they’re well covered so that the skins will crisp up nicely.

Now pop them into the oven – directly onto the oven racks is fine, no need for a baking tray.

At this stage you can do whatever else is on the evening’s agenda, while you let the potatoes bake for 90 minutes or so. You’ll know they’re ready when the skins are golden brown and dry, and the insides feel completely soft when pricked with a fork.

Once they’re baked, it’s time for the good part. Use a knife to cut across the length of each potato and dollop the Dairgold smack dab into the open centre, so that it will melt and spread deliciously throughout.

Season with the black pepper to taste, and finish off with some grated cheese for an extra layer of Mmm.

It’s hard to improve on a classic like this, but here’s a fun way to mix it up: when the potatoes are baked, cut off the top of each one so that you can scoop out the potato inside while keeping the crispy skin intact. Mix the cooked potato with the Dairygold, pepper and cheese until it’s creamy, then spoon it back into the potato skins and pop the “lids” back on.

– See more at: http://www.yourdairygold.ie/food-made-better/perfect-baked-potato.aspx#sthash.CW1Fvi3y.dpuf


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