10 fall recipes to add to your menu right now via @NBCNewsBETTER

nbc 10 fall recipes

Cauliflower steak seasoned with a smoky shawarma.

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10 fall recipes to add to your menu right now via

If the hype around pumpkin spice lattes is any indication, we are all ready to take the plunge into fall food trends. Luckily a lot of them are a whole lot healthier than the sugar-loaded calorie bomb that has a special place in every sweater-lovers’ heart.

To the contrary, fall produce is chock full of healthy nutrients. We all know that in-season foods tend to be a little easier on your wallet, plus they introduce a whole new array of ingredients to get creative with in the kitchen. (Admit it, you’re a little tired of the chopped salads.)

What’s on the menu? Root vegetables like turnips and sweet potatoes, winter squash and a new lineup of fruit to fill the bowl on your kitchen counter.

Whether you’re cooking up a weeknight dinner for one, meal prepping lunch or serving a hungry crowd of football fans, use the super foods of the season as inspiration to infuse autumn flavor and nutrients into your meals.


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